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At York Pi Jam we believe in digital making and allowing everyone to create projects of which they want to make. We’ve worked with ModMyPi to produce a cheap, affordable add on board for the Raspberry Pi suitable for beginners in digital making.

The Jam HAT.

The Jam HAT comes with 6 (traffic light) LED’s, 2 push to make buttons and a buzzer, all Scratch and Python. And only £7.

Available At ModMyPi

The Jam HAT is exclusively sold at ModMyPi.

From the York Pi Jam Team

York Pi Jam run free digital making activities for children and adults in York. They also were finalists for the Best Event category in the Minster FM Listener Choice Awards 2018.

About The Jam HAT.

Buttons, buzzers and bright LEDs! If you’re starting on your Raspberry Pi journey, we’ve got the board just for you. We’ve teamed up with ModMyPi to bring you the JAM HAT!

Each board is fully assembled, ready to plug and play, and features:

  • 6 x “Traffic Light” LEDs (2 x Red, 2 x Yellow, 2 x Green)
  • 2 x Tactile “Push to Make” Buttons
  • 1 x Buzzer/Sounder

The JAM HAT is the perfect add-on board for learning how to code electronic hardware with the Raspberry Pi, and designed for use by beginners, schools and coding clubs in an easy-to-use, clearly laid out format, with fully supported examples and code! The JAM HAT has the Pi’s GPIO fully exposed, leaving you free to connect other hardware as your projects grow!

Other Cool Stuff:

  • Fully Assembled - No Soldering!
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • HAT Format
  • GPIO Exposed for External Connections
  • Works with Python or Scratch


From York Pi Jam

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