Doing our bit to reduce the use of single-use plastics at our events.

These are out!

We offer tea and coffee at our events. We provided polystyrene thermal cups, but once these had been used, after the events they were binned. This isn’t how we are going forward, that is why we are no longer providing polystyrene cups.

Reusable cups are in!

We will still provide tea and coffee, but we encourage you to bring in reusable coffee cups to fill up at our event or even bring a filled water bottle. 

And the best thing about these cups is that you can use them again, and again, and again!

But why?

Because we care! Plastics are not helping anyone, and are in fact causing harm to our environment and if they end up in the ocean, to our marine life. We can’t do nothing about this. Although our event’s change is small on the grander scale of things, we’re starting a change.

Changes lead to great things. And changes are more important than ever now!

Here is what Luke, one of our organisers, said about this…

"We cannot keep using our single-use plastics at our events. It is not sustainable and contributes to the harm plastics cause to the environment when it cannot be recycled. I hope our attendees can support our new single-use plastic policy and bring their own reusable cups to our events. Thank you!"
Luke Castle
Organiser Of York Pi Jam
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