Everyone should be able to code, no matter what!

We’re not kidding! We think anyone should be able to code. From primary school children to the elderly. Programming is a skill that is not only great for problem solving, but it is great for creativity, expressing opinions and it is fun!

Our Mission Is Simple

Our mission is to help encourage programming. We love running digital making activities for the community of York! Whether if you want to learn a new programming language or create a fun game, or make music using code, we are the free event for you! We pride ourselves on being free, we don’t run for profit.

We're volunteers!

We love helping you, whether if that is talking to you about what the Raspberry Pi is or helping you with your projects. York Pi Jam is a community event for beginners and experienced people. Please meet us!

Family Friendly? Yep!

If we are not running Jams, we are running workshops! And most of our workshops are aimed at children. We use a range of programming languages, such as Scratch and Python, and allow them to create fun projects. And these are all free! Our Jams are practically the same, come down and let us show you what you can make!

RJam-Graphics_9V Battery

Not For Profit Learning.

We are run by volunteers and all our events are free!

Any donations we get go straight to funding the venues and equipment. None of it is kept for us. It goes straight back into York Pi Jam.

Thank you
for Attending!

Our attendees keep us running! Although you don’t pay a penny, your presence means we’re doing something right! Get your free tickets and come along and allow us to encourage digital making!

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