Code with us. Week 15

It’s the fifteenth week now of ‘Code with us.’, a scheme by the York Pi Jam team allowing you to code alongside free tutorials. There is a new one every weekend and the idea is you create and edit your project over the weekend and submit the code to us. If you submit your code to us* you will get put into a raffle to win a Jam HAT**, exciting right!!!

For week fifteen, we will be creating our own adventure game in Scratch. All you need is a computer with an internet browser and internet access.

Join us on the Code with us page to get started on Saturday at 9am (UK time), and you have until 9pm on Sunday (UK time) to submit your code. No ticket will be needed for our online activities.

See you then!

*Must be 16 or have parental permission

**To enter the prize draw you must be a UK resident. The winner will be chosen at the end of the England School Summer Holidays.

The event is finished.



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