Code with us.

Week 6:

Make an online underwater game.

Join us this weekend as we show you how to create an online underwater game by using Scratch, which is free to use online. If you submit your project you get a chance to win a Jam HAT for your Raspberry Pi*! 

To view the tutorial for the project, and to submit your project please see below.

You only need a bit of free time and a computer with internet access.

*Must be 16 or have parental permission. To enter the prize draw you must be a UK resident. The winner will be chosen at the end of the UK lock down.

Visit the tutorial online now!

Yes, the time has arrived to view the online tutorial to make a 'Brain game' in Scratch!


We do not endorse sharing your project with us on social media, instead we will have a short form to submit your project to us on our website every weekend.

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