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York CoderDojo is on a mission to bring digital making activities to every young person in York. We run free, monthly events and workshops for young people in York. We’re a proud member of the York Pi Jam family. York Pi Jam have the mission to give the advice, support and resources to improve North Yorkshire’s digital making scene. 

York's CoderDojo.

At York Pi Jam, we are passionate about bringing digital making activities to the young, old and everyone in between!
No one should miss out on developing digital making skills, that are essential in the modern digital world.
At York Pi Jam, we are also passionate about e-safety, Computing in schools and making in general, which has lead us to create multiple little organisations and events that are part of our growing family.

Stop the spread.

The York Pi Jam Blog.

Read about our latest work, support, advice and updates about our events here.

Let's make something.

Make a chatbot using Scratch.

Create a meme generator in HTML.

Code a pong game using Python.


At York Pi Jam, we are doing everything we can to try to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus at our events and workshops. We're looking at what we can do to keep everyone safe, whether that be through visors for our team or hand sanitiser for everyone to use. Although we are a while away from resuming with our face-to-face operations, we are confident that everything we are doing now will help us, and you, in the future. Thanks for sticking by our sides.

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Please note: York CoderDojo has temporarily suspended all
of our face-to-face events. Last updated 06 July 2020.

York Pi Jam's mission.

York Pi Jam is on a mission to make sure everyone has access to digital making activities to obtain essential skills in a growing and developing world.


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