Upcoming Events:

May Jam 2019

Monday 13th May 2019: 5:30pm-7:30pm

 Venue: The Centre @ Burnholme, Mossdale Avenue, York

July Jam 2019

Monday 15th July 2019: 5:!5pm-7:15pm

 Venue: Acomb Explore Library, Front Street, Acomb

York Pi Jam

We are an event for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and people that want to learn more about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi in all of it’s forms based here in the historic city of York. But we also run events based on Scratch and Python. We are family friendly and we are a not for profit event providing coding and digital making activities for children and adults to participate in.  We do try to make our Jam’s and workshops as fun as possible! Don’t take our word for it though, check out one of our young attendees comments after the event

York Pi Jam

Check out our blog posts written by Luke and the York Pi Jam Team.

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