Every weekend, you can

Code with us.

as we stay at home a little longer.

‘Code with us.’ is a scheme by the York Pi Jam team allowing you to code alongside free tutorials. There is a new one every weekend and the idea is you create and edit your project over the weekend and submit the code to us. If you submit your code to us you will get put into a raffle to win a Jam HAT, exciting right!!!

Digital making for York.

At York Pi Jam, we are passionate about bringing digital making activities to the young, old and everyone in between!
No one should miss out on developing digital making skills, that are essential in the modern digital world.
At York Pi Jam, we are also passionate about e-safety, Computing in schools and making in general, which has lead us to create multiple little organisations and events that are part of our growing family.

Stop the spread.

The York Pi Jam Blog.

Read about our latest work, support, advice and updates about our events here.

Want to make something?

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi.

Set up and explore what it can do.

Rock band.

Make your own musical instruments with code blocks.

Happy birthday.

Make an online birthday card on a webpage.

Code with us.

Join us this weekend as we blast off to space and make an Astronaut Reaction Time game in Scratch!
Code with us is a scheme from the York Pi Jam team as we all work remotely from home to provide digital making activities. If you submit your finished project by 9pm on the Sunday you will have the chance to win a Jam HAT - plus, as soon as we are back in the office, we plan to send goodies out!
Get involved this Saturday & Sunday.

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Please note: York Pi Jam has temporarily suspended all
of our face-to-face events. Last updated 16 May 2020.

Our mission.

York Pi Jam is on a mission to make sure everyone has access to digital making activities to obtain essential skills in a growing and developing world.


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