The Raspberry Pi Foundation Turns 7...

and to celebrate, Raspberry Pi Jam’s all around the world (except Antarctica, sorry) will be taking part in the Big Birthday Weekend. And for the first time ever York is taking part… and we’re bigger than ever before.

Join us for free workshops, talks and cake. And we’re family friendly and perfect for beginners.


Highlighted Free Workshops & Talks At The Big Birthday Weekend Jam

Traffic Light Coding

Learn to code in Python and control traffic lights on the Raspberry Pi. Quite a challenging workshop and people may need to buddy up with others as we only have a limited amount of traffic lights.

Coding For Beginners

Learn the basics of coding and code in Scratch, a child friendly programming language. This workshop is great for beginners and people who are unsure on what coding is.

Benefits Of Learning Scratch

Luke, from York Pi Jam, will be talking about the benefits of learning Scratch. This talk is perfect for parents/guardians who want to know why we should be encouraging children to learn to code. 

York Pi Jam

Wondering what we do and what we are about. Why not check out our brand new look blog written by Luke from York Pi Jam. 

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